Video shows Utah officer fatally shoot knife-wielding felon

The DA has cleared the officer in the shooting

By PoliceOne Staff

SALT LAKE CITY – Police released body camera footage of a fatal officer-involved shooting of a knife-wielding man.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, an officer stopped 50-year-old Patrick Harmon on Aug. 13 after witnessing the suspect ride his bike across six street lanes and a median, and for not having a rear tail light. The suspect gave the officer multiple fake names before finally providing his real one.

The officer called for backup after discovering Harmon had multiple warrants out for his arrest, including for failing to show up for sentencing on a second-degree felony aggravated assault charge.

Police told Harmon that he was going to jail. Harmon attempted to flee after pleading with officers not to take him into custody.

Officer Clinton Fox fired three shots at Harmon after witnessing the suspect reach into his pocket and turn back toward officers with a knife in his hand. The officers reportedly heard Harmon threaten to cut them.

Fox told investigators he believed Harmon was dangerously close to another officer. A second officer on the scene fired an ECD at the same time Fox fired shots.

The officers provided aid to Harmon at the scene. He was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later, according to the report.

Police found a knife on the ground next to Harmon.


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