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Cops share details of encounters with naked suspects

When it comes to training scenarios, nothing trumps real-life encounters. Knowing that an exercise has actually been a street problem for other officers heightens the impact and reinforces that the important caution to "expect the unexpected" in police work is firmly rooted in reality.

Predictably, our request for Force Science News members to share their experiences with naked subjects they've confronted (in the line of duty!) produced rich results.

[see Naked Suspects: No Laughing Matter]

Today we present 4 case histories that offer opportunity to open challenging what-would-you-have-done dialogue with your trainees--and between yourself and your partner.

These include contacts in which officers had to deal with a naked subject attempting to amputate his arm with a shard of glass; a nude man who provoked a foot pursuit through a cornfield; an EDP in a diaper "working on" an invisible "house" in the woods; and another in his birthday suit who was chasing antelope through snow-dusted sagebrush on a mission from God.

As you read about these confrontations and how they were resolved, keep in mind these observations from Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato, who has tracked reports of naked-suspect episodes for over 20 years:

1. EDPs who appear in public without clothing are generally in the grip of a severe psychotic disconnect from reality.


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