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Video: Machete-wielding man attacks UK cops

Deranged suspect chased cops for several minutes before 35 cops with riot shields disarmed him

By PoliceOne Staff

BROCKLEY, England - From across the pond, a cell phone camera caught a wild encounter on tape as a deranged man swung a large machete at a large group of police officers in a London suburb.

The video opens with the man yelling and waving the machete in the direction of several officers. At one point, an officer attempts to take the man down by ramming him with a trash can, but he evades the can and proceeds to chase one officer menacingly, swinging the blade.

The standoff ended when a group of roughly 35 officers advanced toward the man with riot shields, overpowering the man and taking him into custody.

According to The Sun, the man was taken to a local mental health unit but has yet to be formally charged or arrested.


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