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5 unexpected people you would want on your police force

By PoliceOne Staff

Many variables influence a police officer’s response time, which is why citizens should be prepared to handle themselves when a situation turns sour. The following five people proved they had what it took to fend off a threat when they were in danger. It may not have been done within policy guidelines, but you have to admire the mindset. 

Former WWE champ catches burglar

Former WWE champ Daniel Bryan subdued a burglar by using a choke hold until officers arrived, and reportedly told police the suspect was lucky his wife, WWE co-star Brie Bella didn't get to him first


Tulsa homeowner hogties would-be burglar

Police say the homeowner heard someone trying to break into his home, tied them up with rope, and left them in the yard until police arrived.


Stubborn store owner, 96, refuses armed robber

96-year-old Margaretta Wolf stood her ground and then some when an armed burglar demanded she open her cash register. 

Private investigator, war vet thwarts robbery with own gun

A veteran of 4 tours in Iraq, a former prison guard, and gun owner had a split-second reaction when he found hmself face-to-face with a gun. 

Woman tweets as she attacks burglar with bear mace

A photographer live-tweeted as she retaliated against a burglar with bear spray and a samurai sword, eventually tweeting that police 'got him!' when they found a suspect covered in the orange mace. 



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