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Video: Evidence techs go the extra mile to return family heirlooms

Police in Salt Lake City ensured that the sentimental pictures they found were delivered home

By PoliceOne Staff

SALT LAKE CITY — Police went to lengths to ensure that the old photographs they found were returned to their original owners.

Though never reported stolen, slides that were evidence in a theft case caught the attention of evidence technician Zacharia Carlsson, who noticed one had ‘1943’ written on it, according to KSL, and immediately wanted to know more.

“As soon as I saw that, it was hands down we need to figure out what's going on with this," Carlsson said. Fellow evidence technician Haley Takoch agreed, and together they began a search for an owner since for many, pictures hold sentimental value.

"I thought, gosh, we should do more work, because if it were me, I would appreciate someone taking that extra time because pictures are very, very important to me," Takoch said.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at contact — a police database search and sending a letter to an address from a photo, which came back as undeliverable — Takoch found a lead using a Google search and hunted down Ralph Moore, whose father Lawrence died in 1989 and is pictured in many of the photos.

Salt Lake City police gave him a call, and now Moore can show his four children and 19 grandchildren pictures of their family.

“It brings back fond memories," Moore said while hugging Takoch. "History is one of my favorite subjects, and I never knew my family's history would turn up like this."

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