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Crime scene photos allegedly shown at Ariz. party

If it's true cops showed a slideshow of crime scene photos, there could be disciplinary consequences

By PoliceOne Staff

PHOENIX — Police are investigating allegations officers showed a video slideshow of crime scene photos at a holiday party.

Phoenix police held a press conference Wednesday and announced six officers are currently on administrative leave, according to KPHO. The four detectives and two supervisors are reportedly part of a new task force targeting child sex crimes.

Acting police chief Joe Yahner told Mayor Greg Stanton police are tracking down the families to alert them of the investigation. Stanton said if it's true the photos were viewed at the party and therefore not handed over as evidence, there could be disciplinary consequences as such action violates of departmental policy, which reads:

"All photos, videos, audio recordings, etc. must be impounded or otherwise properly preserved for discovery purposes. This applies to photos, videos, audio recordings, etc. taken on personally owned cameras, video recorders, cell phones, etc., as well as department issued video/recording devices. Officers who use personal equipment to record or take pictures at a scene or investigation to include potential evidence, witnesses, victims, or suspects, must understand the material is subject to discovery and must be impounded."

Family members of anyone who appeared in the slideshow are owed an apology, Stanton said, and according to a retired officer, saving or showing crime scene photos isn't a good idea

"It's a reflection on all cops, all law enforcement, even us retirees," retired Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban said. "Procedurally and protocol-wise, it's a no-no. Have I seen it done? Of course I have. In my 32 year career, I've seen officers save a picture."

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