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New video of NYC biker-SUV brawl shows attack

Most of those who have been arrested can be seen on the new video taking part in the attack

By Darla Miles

NEW YORK — Eyewitness News has obtained new video of the assault on an SUV driver by a group of motorcycle riders last month.

The expletive-laden video could answer key questions about the case of road rage. The assault lasts about 20 seconds and shows bikers gathered around Alexian Lien, stomping on him and beating him.

Prosecutors believe most of those arrested can be seen on the new video. A biker in a blue shirt who approaches the SUV is believed to be Clint Caldwell, while the man who bashes the rear window of the Range Rover at the end of the original clip is thought to be undercover narcotics detective Woljiciech Braszczok.

Full Story: Motorcycle road rage: New video emerges - Eyewitness News Exclusive

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