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ACLU Concerned About DNA Swabbing to Find Kansas Serial Killer


WICHITA, Kansas -- The ACLU is reacting angrily to Wichita police using random DNA testing to search for the BTK Killer. Some of the men police asked for DNA samples are worried about what will happen to it.

The ACLU believes police are taking a stab in the dark trying to find BTK Killer with the DNA testing.

The organization says the stories from the men we showed Tuesday night are very similar to the complaints their office has been receiving from others who have been tested in Wichita.

The ACLU's Carolyn Brown says, for months her organization has been trying to get answers from police about what they were doing with the samples.

Brown says she too knows people who have been targeted but have also gotten no answers from the authorities.

"They have followed up with police. They have talked to police several different times to try and find out what goes on with the data, what goes on with the sample, and they have not been able to get a clear answer from anybody," said Brown.

Brown suggests one simple way police could clear things up.

"Give something, a piece of paper, to the people they're investigating and tell them what they plan to do with this evidence," said Brown.

Otherwise, Brown believes the police will continue to create a witch-hunt like atmosphere on streets like those they walked Tuesday night in south Wichita.

"There's no probable cause. It's done on the whim of somebody calling in a name," said Brown.

Brown is referring to a tip hotline people can call if they think they know anything about BTK.

Meanwhile the ACLU says, by next month, it hopes to finally have a chance to sit down with police and get some answers.

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