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PoliceOne instructors and consultants are available to defend you or your agency in civil suits and other legal actions. Our Legal Consultation Service will provide you with a Police Expert Witness to support your case.

We can tactically critique your case behind the scenes with your attorney or testify on your behalf in depositions or in court. We are placed on retainer and are ready to assist you when and where you need us.

The experts we provide not only have professional law enforcement backgrounds but are associated with our award-winning training media. We are your one-call source of help in a time of trouble.

Gary T. Klugiewicz

Areas of Expertise: Threat Assessment, Arrest & Detention Procedures, Police & Correctional Use-of-Force and Deadly Force, Stabilization & Restraint Procedures, and Tactical & CERT Team Deployment


Curriculum Vitae
Robert C. Willis

Areas of Expertise: Deadly Force. Use-of-Force, Pursuits. Vehicle Contacts, and other police procedures.


Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Chief Mike Williams

Areas of Expertise: Tactical Team Operations, Police Training, Use-of-Force


Curriculum Vitae



All too easily you can find yourself facing the ultimate challenge to the job you love – the threat of legal action against you or your department.

Faced with such a threat it’s important to act fast and remember some key points:

  • Get an attorney involved early on.  Lawyers can help put out those small legal “fires” before they have a chance to spread.
  • Have your attorney contact PoliceOne’s Legal Consultation Service for court-tested, professional guidance.
  • We can offer a behind-the-scenes critique of the strengths and weaknesses or your case and testify on your behalf when appropriate.
  • Print this page and give it to your legal representation to put on file so you’re prepared for any legal challenge you might face.
  • Always remember, PoliceOne is here to help! Our extensive network of law enforcement tactical experts has been helping officers face – and win – legal challenges for years.



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