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Cop makes troubling discovery in his own son’s room

From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

Calibre Press received a notebook from a longtime Street Survival Newsline member and former east coast police officer stuffed with well over 100 pages of instructions for making homemade incendiary devices, mixing firebombs, pulling off the perfect theft, picking combination locks, making a flamethrower...you name it, it's in here.

The officer didn't find it in a suspect's home as you might expect. He found it in his own. His 15-year-old son had gathered the information off the Internet, bound it in the notebook and hid it in his room.

"I was absolutely floored," the former officer, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Street Survival Newsline. "I had no idea my son was collecting this type of dangerous information. This stuff is not a joke. The plans in here are easy to follow and can cause some extremely serious damage...and a lot of it can cause death.

"I'm a cop. I've arrested suspects who collect material like this. They're dangerous people. Now, I've found this stuff in my own son's room. This has come as a tremendous shock."

The hardbound notebook, which has been neatly categorized into 5 sections, contains exact directions for making everything from chemical weapons to "Things That Go BOOM!" (the title of a special column that regularly appeared in the collection.) Everything can be made from materials that are easy to find like batteries, household cleansers, cigarette lighters and lighter fluid...lots of stuff you might find laying around the house.

Some of the instructions included in the notebook are for:

--Making homemade Napalm out of gas and styrofoam;

--Using egg whites to thicken gasoline so it will stick to surfaces once it's ignited;

--A list of almost 30 chemicals often used in making incendiary devices and the common household items that contain them

--An article dedicated to "Fun With Poisons," which includes a list of 10 poisons and their symptoms and onset speeds plus a list of 20 poisonous plants and where they can be found

--How to make an "Acid Delay" bomb that will go off after a given time delay using, among a few other things, battery acid, cardboard, tape and sugar.

--How to make a self-igniting "fire bottle" that will explode only after it hits a target;

--How to make a bomb out of pennies;

and pages and pages of other instructions.

The notebook also contains instructions for picking locks, pulling off untraceable thefts, making a phone tap and even contains an article on a serious school arson problem the sender labeled as "cool".

"I'm sharing this with fellow Newsline members to remind them to watch their own kids," said the officer. "Just because you find this stuff doesn't mean you've got a bad kid, but it DOES mean that you need to do some further investigation. Sit down and ask your kid why he has this, where he got it, what he planned to do with it. It might be just young curiosity. You might find out he's hanging out with a bad crowd. Or you might find out he's got some serious things to deal with.

"If you find you've got a problem, deal with it. Get some help and solve it."

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