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Video: Explosives training unit detonates bus

The Canadian Police College detonated a decommissioned bus to give course participants hands-on experience

By PoliceOne Staff

OTTAWA — Canadian and international law enforcement professionals training at the Canadian Police College watched a decommissioned bus blow up during a course on explosives.

As part of the Post-Blast Scene Technicians Course, the Explosives Training Unit at the Canadian Police College towed a bus to the outskirts of Ottawa, according to the Canadian Police College's website. A donation from OC Transpo, the bus was "expertly detonated" and participants analyzed the remaining wreckage.

The bus was detonated by explosives experts from the ETU. Once detonated, the Post-Blast course exercise began.

"It is great when we can use exercises like this one in our courses since they help us to give our course participants a chance to gain experience in analyzing a situation that they may encounter in the field," Sgt. Don Chenel, Program Manager, said. "OC Transpo’s donation, allowed us to run an extremely large and valuable exercise at virtually no cost to the college and the participants." 

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