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YouTube removing bomb-making videos ASAP

YouTube and other viral video sites are struggling to keep up with the amount of reported videos due to such a high volume of content

By Anthony G. Attrino

 EDISON, N.J. — Bomb-making videos with ingredients found in anybody’s kitchen are all over the Internet — and popular sites like YouTube are removing them as fast as they can. The video site spokeswoman said it's difficult for YouTube to remove the videos as they appear, due to the large volume of posts from across the globe — 72 hours of video per minute.

“Dangerous, illegal activities like instructional bomb-making are explicitly prohibited by YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” a YouTube spokeswoman said in an email to NJ.com on Wednesday. “We encourage people to flag any material that they believe violates those guidelines. We review these flags around the clock every day, routinely removing anything that breaks the rules."

Some videos show how to make chemical bombs using soda bottles, baking soda and lemon juice. Police say these types of bombs are dangerous and unpredictable — the chemicals burn skin and eyes and can explode anywhere from 5 seconds after assembly to 20 minutes.

Full Story: YouTube: We’re taking down bomb-making videos as fast as we can

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