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Video: Wis. police detonate bomb found in man's garage

They brought the explosive to the Hardwood Bombing Range where the military would drop dummy bombs to test accuracy

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

WISCONSIN RAPIDS — A Wisconsin Rapids man asked the police for assistance in disposing of a practice bomb the man collected from southwestern Wood County, Police Lt. Brian Krzykowski said. The bomb came from the area known today as the Hardwood Bombing Range.

About 40 or 45 years ago, people just called it the range — a place where the military would drop dummy bombs to test accuracy, Krzykowski said. The item in the Wisconsin Rapids man’s garage was one of the practice bombs.

The man heard a story about someone in another part of the country who had an old grenade that blew up and killed him, Krzykowski said. The story made the Wisconsin Rapids man start to worry about the bomb he had.

Full Story: Wisconsin Rapids authorities detonate bomb

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