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Okla. police arrest modern-day Bonnie and Clyde

A relentless husband-and-wife team have been arrested for committing four armed robberies

By Lori Fullbright
News on 6

TULSA, Okla. — A husband-and-wife team have been arrested for committing four armed robberies.

According to investigators, the newlyweds fancied themselves to be a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde and even held hands during one robbery.

Police said Harold and Patricia Watkins were very violent during the robberies, and they didn't quit even after their pictures were shown on TV.

In addition to Tulsa police detectives and the fugitive squad, US Marshals and the FBI all played a part in the arrest.

A surveillance video shows a woman working at a Cricket store on April 29 when a couple came in asking about phones.

"Ten seconds into the conversation, he makes a statement, ‘I don't mean to make your job any harder, but let's go,'" Francesca said. "He puts a gun in my side, so, OK, let's go."

Harold Watkins first took Francesca to the safe, but it didn't contain any money, so he took her to the cash register.

After grabbing the cash, he took her to the back room and used duct tape to restrain her.

She said she began praying.

"I said, ‘God, Heavenly Father, I know you'll watch over me and take care of me, and this is going to be over and they'll be gone,'" Francesca said.

The couple left and Francesca removed the tape off and ran next door.

The weight of the robbery hit her.

"It seems so weird because I was so calm during the whole thing, but I just started crying once I said the words, ‘I got robbed,'" she said.

Police said Harold and Patricia Watkins also robbed a Sonic Drive-In on May 14.

In surveillance video, you can see a man taking an employee by the hair and forcing her to empty a cash drawer while a woman guards over the employee who has been forced to the floor.

Police said the same man posed as a customer at Tinker Federal Credit Union on June 4, forcing those employees to the ground and once again, taking money before leaving.

It was a Sonic employee who recognized the man as a past customer, and after digging through a year's worth of records, found the man's name.

Police arrested Harold and Patricia Watkins for robberies and Patrick Wilcockson, who reportedly was the getaway driver in some of the robberies.

"We worked around the clock the last month trying to find these guys because when you start tying people up, grabbing them by hair, shoving a gun in their ear, you've ramped it up a notch," TPD Sgt. Brandon Watkins said.

Tulsa has had 433 robberies so far this year, which sounds like a lot, but it's down 6 percent.

The good news is that arrests are up 13 percent.

Reprinted with permission from News on 6

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