Video: Woman screams following TSA patdown

Woman yells that a TSA officer "just molested" her in Phoenix airport

By PoliceOne Staff

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Another video of a TSA patdown confrontation has gone viral, as a cell phone video captured a woman screaming that TSA officers in Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport "just molested" her.

The video, captured by her son, shows the woman screaming frantically after a patdown that she "wants a police officer". Various personnel, including police, TSA agents and Southwest Airlines representatives, tell him to turn off his camera, which he refuses to do.

The woman is escorted out of the screening area by Phoenix police officers midway through.

In an interview with AOL, her son, Ryan, claims that "he had witnessed his mother's breasts being groped and that while his camera was off the TSA accused his family of being 'hired actors' and interrogating them about who they work for."

According to AOL, Ryan had previously posted another video of a similar incident involving his father and the TSA. That video can be seen here.

Watch the video below.


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