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Trending topics: When cops face off with fire

By PoliceOne Staff

Cops are constantly faced with split-second decisions while responding to emergencies, but one threat in particular that requires swift action in the face of rapidly increasing danger are fire incidents. From an eruption of flames caused by a gas station crash to a brutal blaze in the middle of a busy Southern California highway, watch as police risk their lives to save others from one of the most destructive forces on Earth.

Off-duty officer rescues driver in gas station explosion

Officer was getting gas when an elderly man’s car slammed into another vehicle and a pump, causing a massive fire.


SC police fight car fire while woman trapped inside

Dashcam from multiple cruisers show the aftermath of a car accident and the incredible rescue of the motorist trapped inside her vehicle after it burst into flames.


Off-duty cop pulls man from fiery wreck

A Los Angeles bomb squad officer rescued a man from his burning vehicle after a fiery freeway crash.

Police rescue man moments before car explodes

Officers cut the man's seat belt and dragged him away just moments before the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

Minn. police save man from vehicle blaze

Video footage from the officers' squad car dashboard camera shows the car engulfed in flames. Seconds later, the two officers are seen hustling toward it.



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