L.A. law enforcement trying to paint taggers into a corner

P-1 Editor's Note -- Rusty Keeble, President of the Florida Gang Investigators Association says that, in dealing with gang graffiti, officers need to remember the
4 R's: Read It, Record It, Report It and Remove It.

"If gang graffiti is left unchecked can become very dangerous. Remember, graffiti can indicate an outright threat against a rival gang or against a specific person. The graffiti must first be read and interpreted for danger signals. Second, the graffiti should be well documented and photographed. Then, a police report should be made for tracking purposes. Finally, the graffiti should be quickly removed to reduce the likelihood of continued violence."

By Amanda Covarrubias
Los Angeles Times

Responding to a surge in graffiti, L.A. County prosecutors, Caltrans and the CHP are teaming up to target what officials say has become the prime canvas for taggers: freeways.

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Full story: L.A. law enforcement trying to paint taggers into a corner

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