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N.H. officers need help getting past shooting

By Jeff Jesseman
The Concord Monitor

FRANCONIA, N.H. — In light of the recent tragedy in Franconia that left two local men dead and the release of recent video of that incident, one has to question whether the first responders on the scene have had the emotional and mental support required.

Many of the police officers, firefighter and EMTs on the scene knew Bruce McKay personally and professionally. Most knew Liko Kenney as well, as he grew up in Franconia. This is normally a peaceful area with little violent crime. Seeing both men senselessly killed with such brutal violence has to take its toll emotionally. This, coupled with the unanswered questions of what led up to this event and what really transpired that evening, must make working in the community extremely stressful.

This raises the question: "Who is helping the Franconia police and other local police departments through this tragedy?" ... Read the rest of the article

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