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LWTS honorable mentions: Caregivers 24/7/365

For National Police Week 2011, honorable mention goes to the caregivers. In recognition of their loyal and loving sacrifice in putting their lives and careers on hold to attend to their injured officers. They do not get a day off. Their commitment is 24/7/365.

PoliceOne honors caregivers for stepping up to the task and shouldering the burden of the reality of crime fighting. Our prayers are with the caregivers as they serve their country and community by taking care of their injured family member.

Caregivers, please reward yourself this Police Week for your service and sacrifice.

Honorable entions serves as a way for the Living with the Sacrifice column to relate the inspirational stories I receive through your emails and recognize those who are supporting injured and disabled officers. Please email me with your stories or nominations for an Honorable Mention in the Living with the Sacrifice column.

Qualifications for an honorable mention include:

1.) Any activity by an officer, department, agency, citizen, or family member that assists injured and disabled officers and/or their families.
2.) An injured (currently or previously) or disabled officer who continues to protect and serve the community or their fellow injured and disabled officers.

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