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Fiancee of NYPD cop who shot self speaks out

According to Maria Stuart, 28, NYPD cop Terrence Dean threatened to kill himself the day prior to his suicide

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — The fiancee of the NYPD cop who shot and killed himself on duty after reportedly fighting with her on the phone was trying to tell him he needed help, she said in an interview Sunday.

Maria Stuart, 28, engaged to 28-year-old NYPD Officer Terrence Dean, said she was trying to "tell Terrence he needs help" and had called his Queens precinct with vague allusions to officers and suicide before speaking to him a final time, The New York Post reported. Dean used his service weapon to shoot himself in the head while on duty Thursday at the scene of a car burglary, and investigators said it appeared he was fighting with his girlfriend on the phone before his death.

Dean's final words to her were "Fine, I'm going to kill myself," Stuart said.

According to Stuart, Dean had also threatened to kill himself the day prior, putting his gun in his mouth and shooting out the windows of his car. He put his gun in his mouth a second time later Wednesday in front of his father, who told him to stop, she said.

In the days before the suicide, Stuart left the home with the couple's five-year-old daughter because Dean refused professional help, she said. Sunday she reportedly tried to return to the home, but Dean's father objected to her being there and called Suffolk cops, who asked her to leave.

Other members of Dean's family declined The New York Post's requests for comment.

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