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CSP: 3 cadets hospitalized after training

Three Colorado State Patrol cadets exhibited potentially troubling symptoms as they completed a January training exercise

By PoliceOne Staff

DENVER — Three Colorado State Patrol cadets needed medical attention following a January training exercise, it was reported Monday.

Names and details of the condition are not immediately available due to privacy laws, but according to State Patrol Sgt. Mike Baker, staff notified medical centers immediately when they saw three cadets exhibit potentially troubling symptoms as they completed the Academy's "carefully regimented, paramilitary-style training" program that Baker said uses "a system CSP has used for several Academy classes since 2010 and similar to the training CSP has used for the last 77 years."

Marc Colin, attorney for the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals, told The Denver Channel the three men's conditions were related to their kidneys, resulted from "extreme physical exertion and dehydration," and that seven cadets, not three, sought medical care, though the CSP declined to confirm that number. 

"If so many cadets experience medical issues as a result of training, it’s something much more serious than a minor issue," Colin said. "If I were the cadets, I would be insulted by that characterization."

When the cadets recover, 9 News reported, they will resume training, and the Academy will review the course and implement any necessary changes.

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