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Top 5 most cringe-worthy police moments

To say that law enforcement is a dirty job in the most literal terms would be an understatement. It’s no surprised that offenders who have no concern for personal safety or the safety of others also tend to have no concern for health or hygiene.

Cops get exposed to bodily fluids far too often — and it’s more than just unpleasant — it’s unsafe. Officers are exposed to diseases like Hepatitis, Tetanus, and HIV among other serious illnesses.

Recently the Penn. Senate was confronted with legislation that would create two new felony offenses for exposing bodily fluids to law enforcement.

Below are five of the grossest police headlines to grace our page. Do you have a cringe-worthy on-duty moment you’d like to share? Add it in the comments section below!

Amanda Engle (Photo courtesy Erwin Police)

1. Pizza Hut manager arrested for spitting on cop's food — Amanda Engle of Erwin, Texas recognized a cop picking up his pizza order as the man who’d pulled her over for a DUI and decided to retaliate. This story is unfortunately all too common – know where your food is coming from and who’s making it.




Christopher Brennan (Photo courtesy Ft. Meyers Police)

2. Spring breaker pees on officer's lunch — Christopher Brennan urinated through the cage separating the front and back of a Fort Meyers cruiser after being arrested, soaking the officer’s lunch and other personal belongings. This scenario might not be avoidable, but it’s a good reminder to keep some disinfecting wipes in your glove box.




Christopher Nicholas Hiatt (Photo courtesy Butte police)

3. Mont. suspect licks officer's eye during arrest — If this headline doesn’t make your stomach turn, you’ve been in law enforcement too long. Christopher Nicholas Hiatt, 34, was charged with assault on a peace officer and misdemeanor charges of assault with a bodily fluid after licking an arresting officer in the eye. Add irrigating eye wash solution to your glove box germ arsenal.




Yolanda Arguello (Photo courtesy Albuquerque Police)

4. NM cook licked sandwiches before serving officers — A cook at a facility that trains state corrections employees secretly licked sandwiches and sucked on ice cubes before putting them in drinks, then served them to probation and parole officers. The solution to this one sounds simple enough: pack your lunch. But some correctional facilities don’t allow officers to bring in outside lunches. So… stay on the cook’s good side?



Gregg A. Greaves (Photo courtesy Wrigleyville Police)

5. Chicago man throws feces in police station — Anyone who has worked in corrections is likely familiar with this type of scenario. A 23-year-old man was taken to the police station after attacking a man at a bar. At the station he refused to wear pants, defecated in his hand, and threw feces across the station. This sort of behavior endangers the officers present, the other offenders, and any citizen entering the police station at that time. Clean-up needs to be immediate and it needs to be thorough. 

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