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Navigating the junk food maze

Let's face it, cops live on fast food. It's one of the many reasons our health often deteriorates the longer we stay on the job.

The obvious solution is to bring your own healthy food to work, but if you're like most of us, that's not always an option.

Instead, buy a copy of David Zinczenko’s book "Eat This, Not That" and put it in your patrol bag, briefcase, or desk drawer. Zinczenko and his staff at Men's Health magazine have put together a series of small, fun-to-read books (lots of pictures!) detailing the good and bad food choices at most fast food places, chain restaurants, and even at your mom’s holiday dinner table. Trust me, some of those “healthy” choices you thought you were making will turn out to be surprisingly bad for you, and more than a few of those items you’ve been avoiding at the drive-thru window will turn out to be reasonable choices that will contribute to the healthy lifestyle that is essential to your survival on the street.

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