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A little act of support can go a very long way

Submitted by PoliceOne Staff

When it comes to helping officers navigate the often tumultuous waters of a major incident like an officer-involved shooting, you might be surprised at the impact even the slightest act of support can have on their emotional wellbeing.

A hand on the shoulder, a calming smile, a simple statement like, “We’re with you, buddy. Don’t worry.” can literally make a world of difference to the involved officer. In a profession where being strong, confident and composed is crucial, many — including other police officers — might overlook the reality that cops are in fact human.

If you see a brother of sister officer standing strong after a critical incident, don’t assume that their composed exterior is indicative of a complete lack of doubt, anxiety and even fear on the inside. Take a second to simply show your support. You may have no idea how needed and appreciated that small act might be.

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