Keeping your New Year's resolutions

Did you make one of those New Year resolutions to get you started toward a better you in 2014? How about that diet you may start, maybe fewer beers or adult beverage of choice, maybe even cut down or quit smoking or that chew you got in your lip. 

Maybe get to the gym a few times a week, find a partner and get some reps in on a heavy bag build your tactical skills, get to the range more than the mandatory once a year trip. 

How about seat belts in your cruiser and everyday vehicle, maybe even wearing your ballistic vest even in the heat? 

There are so many ways to say, “My resolution is or will be _____.” The trick is to make it reality. So this is a good day to start right now, today, right after you read this get up and do something that will make you a better and healthier police officer and more productive person for your family

Happy New Year!

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