Facebook Forum: 10 years after 9/11

As we reflected, we were touched by readers’ thought-provoking reactions to the tragedy 10 years ago

By PoliceOne Staff

The heart-wrenching 10th anniversary of September 11 elicited some powerful reflections from readers.

Throughout the week leading up to the solemn occasion, we asked questions on Facebook and were so touched while reading your thoughts that we couldn't help but share a selection of them.

If you have anything else you'd like to say or add, please do so in the Comments section below.

We asked: What would you tell our fallen warriors, if you could? You answered:

Heroes die once. The cowards who did this will die a thousand times. – Steve Hancock

Peace be with you, and all those who loved you and were loved by you. All my prayers and gratitude. – Brent Gordon Lounsbury

Love is stronger than hate. You personified love. You were victorious in your battle and we will continue your work. – Yve Sturman

We asked: How has 9/11 changed how you do your job? You answered:

I was in High School. 9/11 is why I wanted to be in this line of work. – Chipp Burgoon

Thankful I've had training with the terrorist level classifications. I've had two traffic stops with someone with the lower of the three classifications. – Christopher Shivers

Commited even more to protect the liberties we enjoy. For 32 years I have served im public safety and shall do so until I am called home for good. – DeVore Johns

We asked: What does September 11 mean to you now that 10 years have gone by? You answered:

It means I'm 34 and I have attended 17 funerals in the last 9 years... – Joseph Rieke

Hope. Pride. Glad to be an American. – Linda Guyton Topping

Still hurts just like it did when it happened. – James Jones

We asked: What were you doing when you heard the news of the September 11 terrorist attacks? You answered:

As my wife headed off to work, I went out front, unfurled our American flag and put it up on the flag pole in front of the house. The rest of the afternoon was spent glued to the tv while waiting to start my swing shift that night. The images and sounds on the screen that day will always be in my thoughts... – Scott Rivers

I was working the road....they called us all in from the field.... It was surreal. The silence driving in was deafening. By the time I reached the office the tv was on the briefing room seats were filled. You could hear your own heart beat. I couldn't cry openly, but my heart was. – Melanie Singer

Just started teaching SFST to a recruit class. Training Director came into classroom, said "send everyone home". Classroom monitors were turned on . . . no one left. – Jc Bustamante

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