17 slang terms only cops would know

That Adam Henry was a d*mn code brown

By Ben Pugh

I humbly give you cop slang:

1) J-Cat

This is my detention/jail background showing through, but if you refer to someone as a “J-Cat”, it means they’re unstable/crazy. This is definitely regional since it stems from the “J-Ward” at our local County Hospital where the 5150s go.

2) SWAG (For all my fellow traffic dorks)

Scientific Wild Ass Guess. For example, “Hey! Can you SWAG the distance from the intersection?”

3) Badge Bunny

badge bunny. police
"I'm totally not a badge bunny." (Photo/Reddit)


An individual who loves cops. Usually female. Most likely has a history of dating many cops. Minimally, they’re groupies. At their worst, they’re home-wreckers (coupled with the stupidity of the cop(s) that fall for the attention).

4) RALB (For all my fellow motors)

Rolling Around Looking Badass. That’s fairly self-explanatory, right?

5) TC/TC’d

Traffic collision/Crashed.

6) DRT (For my morbid friends)

Dead Right There. “Dude, we got on scene at the fatal and that guy was straight DRT.”

7) Adam Henry

Asshole. This stems from the phonetic alphabet (AH = Adam Henry). “That dude is such an Adam Henry!”

8) Ghetto Bird/Ghetto Crow

Police helicopter. “I couldn’t sleep last night. The Ghetto Bird was right over my house.” If that’s the case frequently, you may want to consider moving.

9) Sam Browne

Maker of police/military belts. Much like “Kleenex” is ubiquitously referred to when one means “tissue”, Sam Browne has become the general reference when one talks about the utility belt we wear. “After 16 years of wearing this Sam Browne, I frequently have back issues.”

10) Code Brown

That one means exactly what you think it means.

11) Duece 

DUI driver. Those that go out looking for them are called “Deuce Hunters”.

12) FIDO (F**k It, Drive On)

Similar to "Crime Blinders." When you’re about 30 minutes from the end of shift, it’s amazing how crime just stops.

13) Four Fingers (Physically holding up four fingers)

This tells other cops rolling by to check on your status that you’re Code 4 (no further assistance needed).

14) Irish Pendant

No offense to my Irish friends, but this refers to an unsightly string off one’s uniform. God help you if you had one in the Academy during inspection.

15) Stolo

Stolen vehicle. “We got into a sick pursuit with a stolo last night.”

16) Paper

A report. “I got stuck writing paper on my eighth burglary today.”

17) Ride the Lightning

Tasing someone. “We were fighting this guy and he wouldn’t go down. Well, he went down hard after riding the lightning!”

What slang terms did I leave out? What do you say in your department?

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