IACP forms new task force to address violence against LEOs

In 2016, 21 out of 145 officers killed in the line of duty were killed in ambush-style attacks

By PoliceOne Staff

In 2016, 21 out of 145 officers killed in the line of duty were killed in ambush-style attacks. In response to the growing violence against LEOs, IACP has formed a new task force to provide monthly reports on the violence and training materials to help keep cops safe. 

In the first of a series of blog posts, IACP President Donald W. De Lucca said that even though danger always exists in law enforcement, he is troubled by the increase in “apparent random, unprovoked ambush-style attacks and other violent acts inflicted upon officers.” 

The task force, which De Lucca helped form in January, is made up of 15 police executives from different cross-sections of law enforcement. The members are assisted by IACP professional staff and senior level LE fellows from local and federal law enforcement agencies. 

“Together, the task force is hard at work attempting to address the complex issue of violence against police in a manner that places preeminence on officer safety, while continuing to advance progressive community policing practices,” De Lucca wrote. “The task force recognizes that officer safety and commitment to community policing/community relations are not mutually exclusive, but rather work hand in hand.  Positive community-police relationships are a critical component of reducing threats that officers face.”

Leading up to the annual IACP conference in October, the blog posts will provide updates on the task force’s work and bring awareness to key areas of officer safety. They will also include monthly LODD reports, a chief’s guide on preventing LODDs and downloadable training materials. 

“As the work of the task force proceeds, its members will be vigilant in ensuring the safety and well-being of officers is given the attention and commitment it deserves and that police leaders are provided the resources and recommendations that can most effectively assist them in maintaining the safety of the men and women under their command,” De Lucca said.

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