What police officers need to know about federal law enforcement agencies

Make your community safer with the personnel, resources, knowledge and assets of your federal partners

If you’ve never been to the IACP Annual Conference and Exhibition you should make plans to visit next year. IACP is the world’s greatest cop shop with everything from T-shirts to helicopters. Hidden among the bronzing artists offering memorial statues and the menagerie of weapons and vehicles named after wild beasts of prey, I found a variety of federal law enforcement-related agencies. I traveled from booth to booth asking a simple question: What should the police officer on the street and the chief or sheriff in Anytown, USA, know about your agency?

Department of Homeland Security

One of the most enthusiastic agents I visited with was Kevin Sibley, deputy special agent in charge from the Tampa office. Agent Sibley, a former INS investigator, joined customs investigators in making up the cadre of homeland security investigators in the post-9/11 reorganization. He has seen the HSI grow to be the second largest federal investigative agency in the land.

When asked what HSI can help local law enforcement with, his response was simple – everything. HSI’s jurisdiction is broad in both geography and subject matter. With special knowledge in cybercrime and currency tracing related to international crime and terrorism, Sibley is ready to respond to local calls for assistance. He noted that accurate documents are needed to apply for any federal benefit and document fraud is one of HSI’s areas of interest. He promised that if his agency doesn’t have the resources to assist local investigations he will find out who does.


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