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Police say 530 pounds of heroin seized in Moscow region

The Associated Press

MOSCOW- Police have arrested seven people and seized more than 240 kilograms (530 pounds) of heroin in a drug sweep in the Moscow region, federal authorities said Wednesday.

In a statement posted on its Web site, the federal drug enforcement agency said the drugs, which had been smuggled into the Moscow region over several years, were valued at US$8.5 million (euro7.09 million) and that seven Tajiks had been arrested.

It was unclear exactly when they were arrested, however, or when the drug seizures were made.

Russia news reports quoted a drug agency official as saying 62 kilograms (140 pounds) of high-grade heroin were seized from a single site outside Moscow last week.

Government officials last year warned that Russia was being swept by a rising tide of heroin and other drugs smuggled from Afghanistan, triggering a steady increase in the number of addicts and drug-related crimes.

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