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Court rules it's OK to tell police to 'f**k off'

Magistrate said cussing was not an offense and officers should be immune to the word

By PoliceOne Staff

QUEENSLAND, Australia — A magistrate threw out a court case against a man who told a female cop to ‘f**k off” after an altercation at a night club, citing the cuss was not an offense and that officers should be immune to the word.

Bardon Kaitira, 28, cursed at the Officer Belinda Young after she dumped out his girlfriend’s drink,

Young told the court, "The defendant said 'f*ck off' and starting walking away and I asked: 'What did you say?'," she said.

"He said 'f**k off" again and then said: 'I don't like the police you think you are all heroes'."

Young told the man what he had said was an offense, and gave him the choice of paying a fine or being arrested.

Kaitira chose to be arrested, according to news.com.au.

The magistrate said overall the conduct of the defendant was not a nuisance to the public because it didn't interfere with other civilians.

"It was overkill by the officer who was not offended anyway," Peter Smid said. 

"It is a sad day when the courts and government say it is OK to use four letter words at police," said Police Union President Ian Leavers.

Queensland Police Service may be forced to cover Kaitira's legal bills. 

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