Italian cop who fatally shot Berlin terror suspect new to force

He had joined the force in November and is still serving his probationary period

By PoliceOne Staff

MILAN — The officer who fatally shot a man suspected of killing 12 people when he drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market is a rookie who had just joined the force. 

According to the Guardian, Luca Scatà, 29, joined the department at the beginning of November and is still in his probationary period. Before going out to patrol, he received nine months of police training. 

Scatà and his partner Cristian Movio were patrolling a train station early Friday morning when they saw suspect Anis Amri acting suspicious. They approached him and asked him for identification, the publication reported.

When prompted to open his backpack, Amri opened fire and shot Movio in the shoulder. Scatà’s training kicked in and he fired twice at Amri, killing him. 

Movio was transferred to a local hospital and is expected to fully recover. 

Italian police praised the officers for their “courage and skills,” saying that their quick action saved lives. 

“My son simply did his job,” Scatà’s father, Pippo, told the Siracusa News. “We are proud of him. I don’t have other words to express how we feel.”

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