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Clerk accuses Portland chief of sexual misconduct

The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore.- A police desk clerk is threatening to sue the city, alleging Portland's police chief coerced her into a sexual relationship, then demanded she keep the affair secret or face dismissal.

The woman, in a complaint released Wednesday, also alleged that Chief Derrick Foxworth drank on duty during frequent visits to her home.

The chief denied any wrongdoing and said he would not comment further because the woman is threatening to sue.

"It's unfortunate that these things have been shared," Foxworth told KGW-TV on Wednesday. "Obviously they appear to be from a person who is very bitter and angry."

Foxworth will remain in his position pending an investigation, Mayor Tom Potter said.

The clerk, Angela Oswalt, 46, accuses the chief of sexual impropriety and police misconduct.

In her complaint _ sent to the city and released by her attorney _ Oswalt said Foxworth began pushing for a secret relationship in 2000 when he was her direct supervisor.

Foxworth became chief in 2003.

The complaint quoted several graphic e-mails she said Foxworth sent her, detailing what he wanted her to do and how he wanted her to dress.

The two frequently met at her home, on- and off-duty, the complaint said, with Foxworth often arriving in an unmarked police car.

The woman's attorney, Victor Calzaretta, said she was willing to discuss a settlement. Otherwise, a suit would be filed, he said.

The complaint said Foxworth was going through a divorce and living with another woman, whom he eventually married, "but continued to try and solicit the claimant."

It said Oswalt refused and ended the relationship.

Foxworth "demanded and threatened" Oswalt to keep the relationship a secret, the complaint said.

Foxworth is a 22-year veteran of the police department.

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