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Suspect arrested in murder of Miami officer

The Associated Press

MIAMI, Fla. — Police believe a Miami detective was killed as a man ran through a nearby apartment complex firing his AK-47, authorities said Wednesday.

Ricardo Ajuste, 21, has not been charged with Miami police Detective James Walker's death, but was considered the main suspect and was being held without bond. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney.

He was arrested early Wednesday on two counts of attempted murder with a firearm because he allegedly opened fire on a couple in a car near Walker's vehicle Tuesday, police Lt. Bill Schwartz said.

He continued firing as he ran through the apartment complex, and Walker was apparently caught in the crossfire, Schwartz said.

Walker was found slumped over the wheel of his unmarked patrol car with his service weapon in his hand, Schwartz said. The weapon had been fired.

An AK-47 was found at the scene. Police were comparing it with bullets taken from Walker's body to see if they matched.

Walker's death is the fourth fatal shooting of a South Florida officer in the past five months. A Miami-Dade County police officer was fatally shot in a shootout with a suspect in September. A Broward County sheriff's deputy was fatally shot in August while looking for stolen vehicles behind a drug store, and another was shot with his own weapon while taking an inmate to court in November.

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