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FBI, ATF join in search for Seattle cop's killer

by KING 5 News and KING5.com Staff

SEATTLE — The FBI and ATF are joining the manhunt for whoever gunned down Seattle Police officer Tim Brenton in his patrol car on Saturday night.

Police say finding the killer is their number one priority right now. And they say, not having a suspect in custody yet is extremely difficult for their young and mourning department.

"For a lot of our officers, this is the first time they've had to deal with one of their own being killed in the line of duty like this," said Asst. Chief Nick Metz.

As a community mourns the murder of a person dedicated to protecting them, Seattle Police are hoping donated electronic billboards will help shake loose important tips about who killed Officer Brenton. They admit it's unusual in a case of officer murder to not have a suspect in custody within the first 24 hours.

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