Plot Foiled to Kill Neb. Police Officer

Authorities became aware that someone was attempting to orchestrate the murder of a Columbus police officer on Tuesday.

An undercover investigator posed as a hit man and arranged a meeting with the suspects. The meeting was on Wednesday at an undisclosed location in Columbus.

The suspects identified an officer with the Columbus Police Department and instructed the undercover investigator to kill him. One of the suspects indicated that the officer being targeted had arrested him for a drug-related offense. The two suspects supplied the investigator with a shotgun and ammunition to carry out the murder. A partial cash payment was given to the undercover officer during the meeting with the agreement that the remainder would be paid after the murder was carried out.

The suspects also drove the undercover investigator past the police officer's home.

At approximately 12:30 a.m. Thursday, authorities arrested one of the suspects, Jae Swoboda, of Columbus. The second suspect ran into a home. A SWAT Team negotiator convinced the suspect to come out. At approximately 4a.m. Thursday, Angel Velazquez-Sanchez, also of Columbus, was arrested without incident. Both men were arrested for conspiracy to commit murder and being felons in possession of firearms.

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