Police investigate bizarre dog kidnapping, ransom case

Suspect threatened to kill a woman's pet dog in front of her unless he was paid ransom

By PoliceOne Staff

ATLANTA — A woman whose pet dog went missing risked her life to get it back after receiving a photo of the dog with a gun to its head.

Emily Connors said she knew something was wrong when Plato, her 7-year-old Maltese, didn't greet her when she came home to her Lindbergh apartment. She then discovered the dog and several expensive electronic devices, including a TV and a laptop, had disappeared from the home.

A day later, WTSP said an unidentified man sent Connors a photo of Plato with a gun to its head and a threat to kill the dog unless he received $1,000.

"So bring the 1000 and just remember if u play any games i will kill the dog in front of you," the text read.

Although Atlanta Police were investigating the burglary, Connors said she couldn't go a day longer without her pet and agreed to meet the suspect outside a bank on a busy street.

Connors said the suspect walked up wearing a backpack with Plato inside; the dog, excited to see his owner again, jumped out as the man grabbed the envelope of cash at the same time.

Atlanta Police told the station animals are rarely kidnapped, but they will take the crime seriously.

"I was just relieved to get my dog back," Connors said.

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