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Video: November's 5 most popular police videos

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By PoliceOne Staff

This month's round-up of the best videos from the police world includes a rundown of open carry laws, a cop and clown altercation, and a nauseating tailgating bet video. A slightly exaggerated 'police brutality' clip and a battle between officer and firefighter also join the ranks for the best news videos of the month.

Be sure to tell us your favorites in the comments section, and keep uploading good finds to BLUtube.


Cop investigates man for open carry

An investigation followed the conversation between a man with an uncovered pistol and an officer.


Cop suspended for dunking his head in a bucket of urine

$450 and a two-day suspension were an officer's punishments following the foolish tailgating act.


Bizarre cop vs. clown video goes viral

Wis. community activist was terrorizing people with a squirt gun, then resisted arrest, all while dressed as a clown.


Off duty Wis. cop 'hero' after rescuing 2 from fire

An off-duty officer driving back from vacation found a smoking car, and acted quickly to pull the two victims to safety from the blaze.


Firefighter files $50,000 claim over traffic stop

The officer was responding to reports of a motorist possibly impersonating a police officer when he pulled over the firefighter.




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