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Police 'rat' out marijuana culprit

Kansas police have had to reseal and reweigh the confiscated marijuana

By PoliceOne Staff

WICHITA, Kan. — Rodents have chewed through bags containing confiscated marijuana in the evidence department of the Wichita Police Department, causing the police to reseal and reweigh each bag,  

During a press conference Thursday, Lt. Doug Nolte unveiled a sketch drawing of one of the rodent suspects.   

(KSN.com Image)
(KSN.com Image)

"We do have a sketch artist that came and did a rendering of who we believe is responsible for the marijuana heist, and so, we are currently looking for something that resembles a mouse like this," Nolte said.

He told KSN.com that marijuana, being an organic material, has a very strong odor that would attract animals such as mice.

While they do have exterminators for the building, police say a rodent issue is a common occurrence.

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