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Media Seek Peterson Search Results

Scott Peterson has never been named by Modesto Police as a suspect in his wife's disappearance.

SACRAMENTO, California (CNN) -- A Stanislaus County judge is considering how much will be released to the public about what was found in police searches in the case of Laci Peterson, the pregnant woman who disappeared Christmas Eve in Modesto.

The judge heard a motion brought by the Modesto Bee newspaper and Oakland television station KTVU asking for the release of a sealed 134-page document detailing the results of eight search warrants.

The searches included those of the home Laci Peterson shared with her husband, Scott, as well as of Scott Peterson's vehicle and boat.

The judge agreed to a private hearing with police investigators and the district attorney to decide what information would be made public. That hearing will take place within the next week.

Members of Laci Peterson's immediate family were in court to support the police stance that the documents should remain sealed until the investigation was complete.

While never naming Scott Peterson as a suspect, the Modesto police investigation focused on Peterson and confirming his contention that he had been gone fishing the day his wife disappeared.

Police said in March they consider Laci Peterson to be a victim of a violent crime. She was nearly eight months pregnant when she was last seen.

"This investigation began as a missing person case, and we were all hopeful that Laci would return safely. However, we have come to consider that this is now a homicide case," said Modesto Police Detective Doug Ridenour.

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