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Video: Cleveland police rescue captives from Castro’s home

Cell phone video from a bystander caught the dramatic moment police entered the home on tape

The Daily Mail

CLEVELAND – Two women driving around their Cleveland neighborhood became witnesses to a historic rescue when they shot a video of police raiding the home of kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro.

Jasmina Baldrich and Ashley Colon thought they were about to be pulled over last Monday when they noticed a police cruiser behind them, and turned onto Seymour Avenue. There, they saw a heavy police presence, with officers approaching Castro's house. The spectacle prompted Miss Baldrich to take out her iPhone and start videotaping what was going on.

In the video, cops can be seen prying open the front door of Castro's house. Once open, they flood into the home, some reaching for their handguns. The women also said that they saw a woman pass who claimed that she was Amanda Berry, and they couldn't believe their ears. 

Full Story: The moment Amanda Berry escaped: Chilling video shows kidnap victim fleeing Ariel Castro's home with her young daughter after cops smashed open the door

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