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Video: Man who killed cop's daughter filmed open carry argument

The 24-year-old got into multiple tense confrontations with police about the shotgun he carried with him

By PoliceOne Staff

PLAINWELL, Mich. — A conversation recorded and posted  on YouTube last fall shows a suspect — thought to have killed his girlfriend and then himself this week — and a public safety officer discussing open carry laws after police had received several calls about  a man walking his dog while carrying a shotgun.

Cassaundra Pell, 23, and Rob Pratt, 24, were found dead Tuesday in her home when police arrived responding to a domestic violence call, according to MLive.

Investigators believe Pratt, Pell’s boyfriend, used a shotgun to kill Pell and then turned the gun on himself.

In the video posted months earlier, Pratt is confronted by officer James Pell, Cassaundra’s father.

“Just exercising rights, Mr. Pell, Officer Pell,” Pratt said to the officer as an explanation as to why he toted the weapon as he walked his dog.

A second video, posted under Pratt’s YouTube account in April, was recorded by an unidentified female and shows Pratt in an intense encounter with another Plainwell officer. 

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