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Video: Woman's 'bra shake' at traffic stop criticized

The officer was hoping to find drugs, saying the woman was too nervous not to be on drugs

By PoliceOne Staff

LAKELAND, Fla. — A Lakeland officer is under scrutiny after dash cam footage showed a woman lifting her shirt and shaking her bra, allegedly under orders from the officer who was hoping to find drugs. 

Zoe Brugger said that she was pulled over because of a broken tail light, but the officer told her she was too nervous and he suspected drugs were involved.  No drugs were found on her or in her vehicle during the search, according to ABC.

"He really went to some great lengths to search for drugs," she said. "It was demeaning, degrading." 

State Attorney Jerry Hill sent a letter to Chief of Police Lisa Womack demanding an internal investigation and a close look at how officers are trained. 

Chief Womack said in a statement, “The department does not condone the alleged actions that have been reported in recent days and any officer proven to be involved in this type of behavior will be dealt with accordingly." 

Officer Fetz, who pulled Brugger over, served a four-day suspension following the May incident, but is back to work, according to the report.

Brugger said she isn’t sure if she’ll take legal action, but hopes that “officers are trained properly, and conduct their traffic stops with respect.”

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