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Man who filmed officer losing temper speaks out

Steven Bell explains why he decided to film his encounters with police and why he posted a controversial video

By PoliceOne Staff

SIDNEY, Neb. — The man who filmed and posted a video of his confrontation with a Sidney police officer to YouTube spoke with media about why he filmed the incident.

"They're a public servant and they should be held accountable for what they do wrong. When this officer did what he did to me, I figured it was a point in time where something needs to be done,” Steven Bell told KOTA Now.

The Sidney Police Department has declined comment beyond saying that they’re looking into the matter.

"The way Officer Tobler reacted I think it really messed everything up, ”Tevin Kneival said after watching the video. “It wasn't a good reaction on his part. He's a great guy he obviously just lost his cool.”

Bell told the news station he wants to be left alone by the Sidney police and hopes an agreement can be reached to avoid any legal action. 

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