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Video: Pa. police videotape 'TASER party'

The video is being investigated, which shows one officer use a TASER on the other while a third cop films it

By PoliceOne Staff

PITTSBURGH — A cell phone video shows one Springdale Borough police officer TASER another officer while a third cop records the act.

Sources claim that the video is being investigated, according to CBS Pittsburgh, though no one has been disciplined for the incident.

Both of the officers seen in the video are no longer serving with the department, stemming from other, unrelated issues.

Former officer Jeremy Liotta is facing multiple charges, including theft, impersonating a public servant and drug possession charges, and former Sgt. Mark Thom is facing a federal sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to civil rights violations.

Springdale Borough council members have not seen the ‘TASER party’ video, but stand behind Thom.

“I’m telling you he’s a good man in the eyes of the residents of Springdale,” said councilman Dave Finley.

Thom was rehired on a road crew after his trial, according to the report. 

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