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Video: Fla. cop shatters car window at traffic stop

The officer's body cam recorded the entire incident

By PoliceOne Staff

ORLANDO — A University of Central Florida police officer broke a student’s car window when she allegedly began to roll it up on his hands at a traffic stop.

Officer Timothy Isaacs pulled over Victoria King for a broken brake light and asked her to roll her window down, and King quickly refused, questioning why the window had to be rolled down and why she had been pulled over.

Isaacs explained that he would need to reach into her vehicle to issue a citation and that it was for his safety. His body camera recorded the confrontation, which escalated when he asked King to step out of her vehicle.

According to Isaacs, King began rolling up her window with his hand inside. Isaacs then broke the window and opened her car door to arrest her.

"I forcefully pulled my arm back and broke the window due to the defendant's blatant disregard to all of the orders that were given to her, and her attempt to close the window on my arm," Isaacs wrote in an arrest affidavit, according to Bay News 9.

King was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer.

In the video, King claims that she was having a miscarriage and needed to go to a clinic. After the medic arrived, according to Isaacs’ affidavit, King said she didn’t know if she was pregnant and refused transport to the hospital. 

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