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Two-Time Ark. Escapee Remains At Large

DUMAS, Ark. (AP) -- Desha County authorities were looking Monday for a prisoner who escaped last week while awaiting transport to a state prison.

Carl Lowe, 42, of Dumas, escaped from the Dumas City Jail on Wednesday, his second break-out from the jail.

Lowe was sentenced to life in prison June 30 on charges of aggravated robbery, kidnapping, theft of property and felony possession of a firearm.

Dumas Police Lt. Michael Donigan said Monday that officials were trying to determine how Lowe escaped from the city lockup, which also houses county prisoners.

In January, Lowe and another prisoner awaiting trial overpowered a guard and fled the jail.

When the pair found they didn't know which of the keys they had taken from the guard opened the doors they needed to go through, they retrieved the guard from a holding cell where they had locked him, police said. The guard suffered minor injuries.

Lowe was on the run for two weeks before being caught in Little Rock.

Donigan said that despite the earlier escape, no special precautions were taken with Lowe in the jail. He said that when Lowe is recaptured, he will immediately be transferred to state custody.

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