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Ariz. cop resigns after alleged undercover affair with drug dealer

She put two other officers at risk when she blew their covers to a suspected drug dealer

By PoliceOne Staff

TEMPE, Ariz. — A Tempe police officer has resigned amid a criminal investigation that alleges she slept with a drug dealer she was investigating while undercover.

Jessica Dever-Jakusz bought ecstasy from a Tempe drug dealer and soon began dating the subject, according to ABC15, putting two other officers in danger.

Dever-Jakusz admitted to the drug dealer that she was an officer and blew the covers of the other officers involved in the months-long investigation.

Dever-Jakusz’s husband, also an officer, is under investigation for using police equipment to look up the drug suspect after learning about the affair, according to the report.

The dealer in the affair has not yet been identified. 

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