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Police form multi-agency task force on I-81 shooting

Task force will be composed of the Pennsylvania State Police, Maryland State Police, Carroll Township Police Department and the FBI

By Becky Metrick
Public Opinion

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.  Many questions surround the fatal "road rage" shooting on Interstate 81, but police have been quiet save for a release announcing the formation of a multi-agency task force. The task force will be composed of the Pennsylvania State Police, Maryland State Police, Carroll Township Police Department and the FBI.

In the release issued Tuesday state police again said that although the shooting death of Maine resident Timothy Davison is similar to another road rage incident in York County, there's no evidence the same person was involved in both. However, they are approaching the incidents as related, unless they find proof otherwise.

(Pa. Department of Transportation Image)
(Pa. Department of Transportation Image)

The statement expressed concern about the potential for another shooting.

"The acts committed against Mr. Davison were random only to the point of his initial encounter with his assailant. Beyond that, the acts against him were very calculated, deliberate and violent," the release stated. "With that said, the potential for additional incidents of a similar nature is anticipated due to the violent nature of this incident."

State police originally had intended to hold a press conference Tuesday, although they had not established a time. Instead, they issued the statement without addressing questions. They have not commented on Monday's autopsy of the victim, or on the type of weapon or number of shots fired.

For now, the only information released has been the initial report of what happened that night.

Davison called police while driving north on I-81 to report that he was being pursued by a Ford Ranger-style truck, and that an occupant of the truck was shooting at him. The Ranger rammed into Davison's vehicle, which forced him into the median. Then an unknown person approached Davison's vehicle and shot multiple rounds at him. Davison later died from his wounds at York Hospital.
Police believe the shooter's vehicle has damage, and possibly silver paint on its driver's side where it allegedly hit Davison's vehicle.

State police have said they believe that someone "in the tri-state area" knows who the shooter is, and they are asking that anyone with information come forward.

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