Video: Violent suspect fleeing road rage incident nearly rams officer

Suspect tells the CHP officer to get out of his face before nearly running the officer over

By Nick Janes
CBS Sacramento

TRACY, Calif. — Police say the suspect was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. A video shows Faisal Mojaddid of Livermore challenging a bewildered driver to a fistfight in the parking lot of a Tracy In-N-Out Burger.

The California Highway Patrol rolls up just as they’re about to square off. Mojaddid tells the CHP officer to get out of his face, and not in those words, before nearly running the officer over.

This was no ride off into the sunset for Mojaddid. Police say they chased him onto Interstate 205 as he hit 100 miles an hour, before finally surrendering.

Full StoryWATCH: Man Nearly Runs Over CHP Officer After Road Rage Incident

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